Head Instructor-Sergio Arione

Who is the Instructor?

Sergio Arione is the head instructor.  He has been practicing Tai Chi since 1976 and he has been (30 times) gold medalist in international events.  Mr. Arione was the Tai Chi Grand champion in Honolulu in 1994, grand champion in Boston in 1996, and grand champion in Virginia in 1998 where he won the “Ben Lo Cup” one of the highest Tai chi honors in North America.  Most recently in 2012 Mr. Arione achieved Best Performance Award in China International competition of over 1000 competitors and was recipient of 2012 Queen Diamond Jubilee Award.

He studied with the late Master Tsun kuen Ma from 1976 to 1992. He currently studies with Grand Master Yang Jun of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan International Association and Master Chen Yong fa of the Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and Lohan ChiKung system.

Sergio Arione is a disciple of both Grand Master Yang Jun of Yang Tai chi  and Grand Master Chen Yong Fa of Choy Lee Fut Kung fu.  He is a loyal student to both and brings all of the teachings he has received over the years to many many students here in Montreal and all over the world.  Mr. Arione continues to enjoy yearly teachings and seminars from both his masters.  We are very fortunate to have Mr. Arione at our school here in Montreal.

The Montreal school is about to host its 25 year anniversary this year (2013).