2017 Kung Fu Extravaganza!

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Kung fu Extravaganza (morning of May 27th) 

Morning show will be held on May 27, 2017 – The children all participate in a show of their accomplishments to their parents, family and friends.

Children need to be dropped off at 9:55am sharp. Parents then head to ticket window.

Seating begins at 10:15am  – Show starts at 10:30am

Canteen with sandwiches and treats will be made available for fundraising

$2 entry fee for $5 per family maximum. (Family is mom, dad and children) Participants do not pay. All proceeds go toward purchasing of kung fu equipment (ie pads..etc)

Please bring change or small monetary bills if you are a spectator or wanting to support the canteen. We often run out of change and can use this help

Kung Fu Challenge/Tournament – for registered tigers, dragons, teens and adults only.

12:30 – For registered tigers, dragon, teens and adults the Bring out the BEST in YOU challenge will begin around 12:30. See instructor for details as the event gets closer.

Parking:  Please park at the train station parking lot (it is a one minute walk) and there is lots of room there.

Baked items – If you can donate some sandwiches or baked goodies for the canteen on this day please let us know . We appreciate  ..email sue at suearione@yahoo.ca if participating.

Thanks to all our volunteers who work hard to make this day a great one for the kids, kung fu participants and families.