We are a Tai Chi Kung Fu center that began over 25 years ago at the very location it now exists in.  We have been serving the community from ages 3 to 100 continuously for over 25 years.

Our Head Sifu is Sergio Arione, Disciple of Master Yang Jun of the Yang Family International Association and Disciple of Master Chen Yong Fa of Choy Lee Fut Kung fu.  Both organizations are chinese traditional martial arts.  Sergio learns from his masters and passes the information on to many students all over the world. Sergio believes that you must learn from the pure chinese traditional masters so that these arts can be taught to others properly, unaltered as they were meant to be taught with self defense, health and wellness benefits intact.

Chi Kung – Lohan Chi Kung System from Master Chen Yong Fa has become another area of study and learning for many students and is growing at a fast pace.

The center has over 40 teachers in tai chi and kung fu and is in constant growth.

Many students have been at the center for 15 to 20 years.

In addition to tai chi and kung fu, members at the center practice diligently in the areas of push hands, sword, saber, chi kung, many kung fu animal forms, both hand and weapons.  Center members also participate in competitions all over the world to widen their depth of knowledge and experience.

The center has operated children and teens summer camps for over 10 years now which incorporate daily kung fu through the entire summer as well as daily swimming at the community pool that the center volunteers to run.  This program operates to full capacity each summer and unfortunately has to close registration early.  The center has two teen programs for the summer, one with kung fu 3 hours per day and the other has one hour of kung fu each day along with social activities for the teens.

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