Tai Chi Classes

The Center offers over 25 classes per week at various levels. All members are assigned to a specific scheduled class with which they grow and progress in learning about tai chi (some for more than 15, 20 and 25  years!) 

Beginner Tai Chi enthusiasts need to call Sergio Arione  at 514-684-9584 to discuss why Tai Chi can be good for them and which class is right for them to get started in.  Time to get started on your health!  There are classes designed specifically for those just getting started. Email Sergio Arione at taichimontreal@gmail.com  or call him at 514-684-9584.  Find out why Tai Chi is good for you and get started!    

We also have many classes outside of the center during the days in and around Pointe Claire and  St-Anne de Bellevue.

There are many private groups attending weekly Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes outside the center during the days at their work places. If you have a group interested in lunch hour or after work classes please do not hesitate to call Sergio Arione at 514-684-9584 or email taichimontreal@gmail.com.


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