Pratique guidée

Options des pratiques de Tai Chi Chuan /Guided Practise Sessions 

Bienvenue au Centre de Tai Chi

Pratique guidée   (Valid until March 31, 2016)

  1. Mercredi    de 10h     à 11h    / Wednesdays  10 – 11 am
  2. Jeudi         de 19h     à  20h    / Thursdays        7 –   8 pm
  3. Dimanche de   9h30  à 10h30 / Sundays          9:30-10:30 am
  • May be cancelled during special events at the center or summer period.  In that case, the cancellation will be posted the week before the event on the board at the Center’s entrance and on the Website.
  • Bad weather condition cancellations during the winter period will also be posted on the Website 2 hours before any cancelled classes

Please be sure to read code of ethics regarding guided practises before entering these sessions.

They are posted in big room at the podium.  merci