Teen Kung Fu Summer Camp


The Center has been offering for over 6 years a teen kung fu camp.

It runs 4 afternoons a week for 6 weeks of the summer.


Involves kung fu training/workouts  for those that want to exercise, learn and for the experienced. There will also be a group swims each day for the teens to take time to enjoy and socialize. Gym Fitness is also incorporated into the program.  All instructors are qualified/certified. Fee’s include gym access, pool access and air conditioned kung fu training area access.

This camp is a great conditioning camp for those wanting to get into shape or continue to progress with their physical conditioning for physical and respiratory.  General overall health. Great atmosphere for teens ages 13 to 18.

Cost for program is $500 for 6 week program. If you cannot make the 6 weeks you can select weekly at $100/week.

Monday to Thursday,  2 to 5pm beginning the second week of July and running 6 consecutive weeks from there.

*If you want your teen to attend morning as well, please register for the regular day camp on registration form. Select weeks desired and we will transfer your teen to the kung fu classes from 2-5. We have many 13 and 14 year olds in the regular camp.