What to Bring/Summer Camp

Hello all,

We have planned a very exciting summer for the children and there are certain items needed each and every day to ensure a successful and enjoyable day for the children.

We have provided a Summer Camp Checklist to help with getting organized.

The children will need each day:

1) Lunch and two snacks, water bottle & juice/milk (peanut free)

2) Bathing suit, towel (thin towel not the big plush ones) and suntan lotion (goggles if they want)

Please make sure to mark your child’s names on these items. The children cannot share suntan lotion and if you child comes to camp without the sun tan lotion they will not be able to swim for the afternoon. We want a happy day for the child, please do not forget this item.  We put the suntan lotion on ages 5 thru to 8.  The 9+ group are advised when its time to put it on and they are to do so. We will help them with their backs.

3) Running shoes must be worn. No sandals as the children play hard all day long and they can easily trip and fall with sandals and this makes for a very nasty nose bleed or worse. For safety sandals are not permitted. They can bring to have when at the pool area but they must have their names on them.

4) For certain theme days, science days, show n tell, talent shows the children will require further items and will be notified accordingly.

5) Notices for any outings that your child is attending will be sent home a day before the event advising on agenda of the day and what they will need.

6) Please do not have engage in conversations with the staff when dropping off or picking up. There is paper and pens available at the front desk sign in area and if you have anything to discuss concerning your child. Please fill in the paper and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The staff is on duty and they are there for the kids and they are immediately on duty when they arrive for camp.

7) Notes for medical or dentists are permitted and must be submitted at the beginning of each week.

8) Parents cannot drop off after 9am and cannot pick up before 430pm. If you arrive after 9am you will be asked to take your child back home unless note was recieved at the beginning of the week. The days are planned and they do begin at 9am and end at 430pm.

9) Early daycare and after camp daycare. Activities are kept quiet as camp does not begin till 9am and does end at 430pm. If you require daycare because you are working we have this option available and you must register for it at registration time.  The children  will color, watch movies, play ping pong , fooze ball, cards, chess and checkers during this period. Children are allowed their electronics before and after care programs ;however we are not responsible for lost or stolen items as this can occur and they are expensive. Around 5:15pm the children will be allowed another snack if they have as they do start getting hungry around this time.

10) A good night sleep is required . This is so true the children have long and full days and they do require a good night sleep the evening before. They simply cannot survive the day without it. Please do your best to ensure this during the time your child is attending camp.

11) Behavioural issues will be given a first warning. A second warning will involve discussion with the parent and consequences and decisions can and will be made swiftly where needed.The camp reserve the right to expel/suspend a child on the first warning if the severity of the issue justifies this in the eyes of the camp.

If you have any questions you can email roxborocommunitycenter@yahoo.ca and we will get back to you.

Any request for any changes can be made out by filling out the  Amendment form

We and the monitors are looking forward to a great summer 2013!!

Roxboro /Ultimate Summer Camp

There are no guarantees on amendments;however the request can be submitted and we will get back to you.