Weekday Kung Fu Fitness

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Learn new skills and techniques that Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu has to offer. Because you are constantly challenged, martial arts stimulates your mind and body more than the gym scene. This is why people who choose martial arts for exercise tend to stick with it longer than most other types of exercise. In addition to this, martial arts is a group activity, the ‘positive peer pressure’ created fosters an environment of encouragement as you work your way towards achieving your goals of fitness, life skills and martial arts. There are many proven benefits that Martial Arts have to offer adults. Exercise keeps the endorphins going, the brain functioning well, and gives you the ability to achieve twice as much as you would in a day by keeping fit. What better way to exercise than Martial Arts. Martial Arts helps burn fat and calories, builds strength, strips away stress and gives you a little ‘competition’ in your athletic life.  Discipline and Focus, Goal Achievement, Self Confidence, Self Defence,  Leadership, Muscle endurance and Mental Health, there is so much more to the art then the form.

Kung Fu Beginner Classes are offered:

-Mornings Tuesdays and Thursday 9:15 to 10:15 amIMG_4751

-Evenings Tuesdays and Thursday 7:30 to   9:00 pm

For information call 514 – 684- 9584

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Intermediate and Advanced Kung fu Training are also throughout the week. If you are of advanced nature please call 514-684-9584 to discuss your training program.

Call 514-684-9584 for more information. Classes run 9-10 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays