1) Registration/inscriptions *  Kung fu * Tai Chi * Tui Shou * QiGong * Day Camps *


3) Child Fitness Tax credit Receipt Request Form – Are not longer given out as the Government of Canada now gives out the Credit directly to you on your income tax each year. No -one has to send in a paper with it any longer. See Canada Income Tax for further information.

2) Releve 24’s for Day camps are emailed out at the end of February each year.

3) Amendment/Questions/Concerns  -Please  fill in the linked form for any inquires regarding Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga or general concerns, medical changes, address changes, email changes, etc.

4) Clauses et Conditions / Terms & Conditions are below for your references

French (English Follows the french )

     (a)    Clauses et Conditions  / Terms & Conditions     Ages 18 + Tai Chi * Kung Fu * TuiShou * QiGong * Competition team(s), Sword, Sabor Classes

     (b)   Clauses et Conditions  / Terms & Conditions Ages 03- 17   Tai Chi * Kung fu * Yoga


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